From Joey’s Mom to His New Forever Home

Loss again…Joey The Cat left today for his new forever home. Here is his story I helped him write for his new forever family…

My name is Joey. Sometimes my mom fondly calls me Joey The Cat. I was found hanging around someone’s backyard. They couldn’t keep me. I was looking for a forever home.  Mom wanted a cat so she took me in.

At home I was an indoor cat and I was happy being her only cat. but one day she adopted my sister, Cassie. Mom worked hard to get me and Cassie to like each other and it worked. We were very close. We played and slept together and had lots of fun.

Sometimes mom would let us out in the backyard but one day I jumped over the fence so she put a tether on me and Cassie so we couldn’t get away. I didn’t like the tether but at least I got to go out and I liked that and loved my home.

After a while I started running out the front door whenever someone opened it. I didn’t go far, but mom would get mad and bring me back in and tell me not to do that. But I kept doing it because I liked being outside and rolling on the ground.

One day mom met dad. Dad had a cat named Zuey. He was much older than me and Cassie and mom and dad had to get ust used to Zuey, who dad sometimes called ZuZu. Zuey was an outdoor cat but he stayed indoors at our house. Later dad let him out for a little while and he told mom she should let me and Cassie out too and not put our tethers on us. Cassie was happy in the backyard but I got bored and started jumping over the fence. Mom and dad did what they could to keep me in the backyard but it didn’t work so they put a cat door into the house and, during the day, we could all go out and in when we wanted to. Cassie and Zuey stayed in the backyard. I didn’t. At night we all slept inside the house.

Slowly I got used to being outdoors and stayed out longer. If mom wouldn’t let me go out I started growling. Cassie is a very quiet and sweet kitty sister but she started attacking me when I came into the house because she doesn’t like the growling so I’m had trouble coming into the house.

Meanwhile, I was having a lot of fun outside and I learned how to catch mice and birds. One day I brought in two live mice and one that wasn’t moving anymore. Mom wasn’t happy because every time I came into the house I brought a mouse.

Cassie is a good house cat and wouldn’t like to live outside. Zuey is the same. But I guess I’m really happy as an outdoor cat now. I love mom and dad but it’s hard for them to keep me in the house. I need a loving place where I can play freely and chase mice and be outside when I want to. My mom’s friend told me she knew a family in the country that had other cats like me, who like to chase mice, and they might like to have me live there.

Mom and dad are worried about me but they can’t keep me anymore because they can’t have my mice friends in the house and me and Cassie fighting all the time.

Mom and dad want to thank you for agreeing to keep me at your place and let me play with mice and be free. They love me very much and this is hard for them but they know I will be happier outside.

I have had all my shots and they think I am 4 years old (it’s hard to say because I’m a rescue cat). They made my birthday is January 1st and I will be 5 years old then.

Thank you for agreeing to take me in and let me live a happy life with you. Please know I was loved and will be missed at my home.

UPDATE October 18, 2018: Joey has adapted well to his new home. He is now “Leader of the Pack,” hunting to his heart’s content. We miss you Joey, But we know you are happy now.

4 thoughts on “From Joey’s Mom to His New Forever Home

  1. Doreen Pendgracs August 30, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    Such a hard decision to make, Suzanne. But it sounds like you’ve made the right one for all concerned. P.S. I like the new blog interface, and it’s good to see you blogging again.


  2. Ceci August 30, 2018 / 4:44 pm

    I agree with Doreen. A tough but good decision overall. Keep writing; it helps.


  3. August 30, 2018 / 7:57 pm

    Thanks for understanding, Ceci. It was indeed very difficult.


  4. August 30, 2018 / 7:59 pm

    Thanks for your comment Doreen. It was very hard. But now our home is so much more stable. Little Cassie, who suffers from a (stress induced) affliction called rolling skin disease is actually much calmer. Ditto, Zuey, our older cat. Things seem to have really shifted for us too. I can get work done without always worrying if Joey is ok or in some trouble. I pray he is happy in his new home.


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